I spend plenty of time thinking about the kinds of questions most ambitious college students do: how should I prepare for the future? What kind of career should I pursue? What’s worth learning?

A few of the frameworks and factors I’ve encountered for thinking about the decisions and choices I make.

Like most developers, you probably keep a running list of ideas for apps you might build. I do. They all seem promising and potentially useful. How do you prioritize what to build? One way I try to decide what to work on: I think of my comparative advantages.

Instagram and Snapchat seem to share a common theme: they try to solve the hurdle of photo embarrassment - they find ways to get around our self-restraint with sharing photos.

What’s Grunt used for? Automating front-end and JavaScript workflow tasks. Refreshing the browser when you change a script. Minifying and concatenating. Running tests. Think rake and guard, if you’re coming from the Ruby world.

Enter Grunt by Example! A blow-by-blow tutorial. Just the way I like it. Let’s dive in.

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